So, another few weeks whizz by.  Strangely, despite being too busy with work and study to dedicate much time to my ebook project, sales of Amsterdam Rampant are picking up.

At the end of June I ran another free promo – as a member of Amazon’s KDP Select programme I have access to one promotion every 3 months, and I opted for the freebie, which gives you an allocation of 5 days to run the promo.  Back at the end of April I ran a 3-day free promo and 781 people downloaded it – this time round it was a more modest 216 downloads over 2 days.  During the promo I broke into the top 50 free ebooks on Amazon UK and hit no.2 in the Amazon UK Kindle charts for free literary thrillers…


After the first two months of publication (during which I sold around 100 ebooks) sales had tailed off to around 15 per month, ie. only one every other day.  But immediately after the June promo ended, sales bounced, and I sold 12 in the next 5 days.  In July it’s now stayed pretty constant, with 24 sold after 15 days.  So while not exactly flying off the virtual shelves, it’s encouraging to see momentum building a little.  On some days I’ve scraped the top 10k paid books on Amazon UK (usually I’m in the 50k-200k zone).

I’m not exactly sure why sales have picked up.  It could be down to a number of factors.  Firstly, the Dundee Book Prize recently published its 2014 anthology on the Kindle Store, and in my ‘keywords’ on Amazon I have included ‘Dundee Book Prize’, so anyone searching for this would likely see Amsterdam Rampant pop up.

Another possibility is that I’ve started to get a presence on Goodreads.  For those of you who don’t know Goodreads, it’s a social networking site for book-lovers, and owned by Amazon.  In recent weeks I’ve got 5 ratings and 2 reviews – again, not many – but enough to perhaps get me popping up in recommendations and in search engines.  So far all ratings/reviews have been in the 3-5 star zone, giving Amsterdam Rampant an average of 3.6.  The reviews have been interesting too, discussing the novel’s flaws as well as its strengths, but with an overall positive tone which I think has helped build credibility.  I’ve also signed up to the Goodreads author programme, and will need to do a bit of work to build a profile, link to the blog, add novel extracts and so on.  Another little scrap of cyberspace to plant my flag on…

So let’s see what the next few weeks hold.  If momentum continues and more reviews filter through, things could really start moving…



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